Performing live at the CHEO Telethon

I began this incredible journey at 15 when I wrote House of Cards in my bedroom. I was struggling with my declining health, but had a small amount of hope still left. A small amount that I knew I needed to share. House of Cards is my story in 4 minutes. It depicts each stage of my recovery, from before, to during, to after.

This song has lived a thousand lives. It's been torn apart, rewritten, recorded with different instruments, had different melody lines, different point of views, and more. We only really cracked the code on a March afternoon when creativity seemed to be floating through the room. It was in that moment when I knew I wanted to give this song to CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

I wanted to give this song to the extremely hard working doctors, nurses, medical students, and hospital staff that treated me during my many stays. I actually turned 16 in the epilepsy monitoring unit at CHEO. This song is my thank you. I would be living a very different life without the help of so many people at that hospital.

And it is my pleasure and gratitude to announce that I will be performing House of Cards live June 11, 2017 on the CHEO Telethon! I'm so excited and honoured to be playing for such a beautiful cause! Be sure to tune into CTV Ottawa to watch my performance!

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